The Benefice of:

The Brickhills &
Stoke Hammond


Revd John Waller
The Rectory
10 Pound Hill 
Great Brickhill
Milton Keynes
MK17 9AS
Tel: 01525 261062

Great Brickhill Schedule of Services

A View to the Altar & Lady Chapel
   Looking towards the altar and choir stalls with the Lady Chapel on the left

To download a PDF copy of the Great Brickhill Service Schedule that appears in the Great Brickhill Parish Newsletter, click on the following link:-

          January      February      March      April 

          January      February      March      April      May      June

            July     August     September     October    November    December


            January      February      March      April      May      June

            July     August     September     October     November     December

          January      February      March      April      May      June 

            July     August     September     October     November     December

          January      February      March      April      May      June

            July     August     September     October     November     December

          January      February      March      April      May      June

            July     August     September     October     November     December

            January      February      March      April      May      June

            July     August     September     October     November     December


          January      February      March      April      May      June

            July     August     September     October     November     December

            January      February      March      April      May     June

            July    August    September    October    November    December

January      February       March       April       May       June

             July      August      September      October      November      December

           December     January     February     March     April     May     June    

           July     August     September     October     November     December

There is a wide range of services held throughout the month ranging from 1662 (Said) Holy Communion and Sung Evensong, to Holy Communion (Common Worship), to more informal Family Worship.

"Ancient & Modern", “Hymns and Psalms” and “Songs of Fellowship” are the hymn books used. The organ is played for most services, sometimes accompanied by the choir. The piano is used on some occasions. The average attendance for the regular services in 2015 was 25.

The general pattern of services per month is:

  • 1st. Sunday, 11.00am:- 1662 Said Holy Communion (BCP), led either by the Rector or by visiting clergy.
  •  2nd. Sunday, 9.30am:  Holy Communion (Common Worship), led by the Rector
    [ Change of time from 9.00am to 9.30am from June 2015]
  •  3rd. Sunday:- A variety of services, e.g. 11.00am: Morning Worship (Common Worship) or Mattins (BCP), or 6.00pm Evensong (BCP - Sung) in the summer months, or special service. Please consult the "Calendar".
  •  4th. Sunday, 11.00am:  Family Service led by the Rector

If there is a fifth Sunday in the month there is usually one service only in the Benefice, Holy Communion (Common Worship) in one of the parishes at 11.00 am. Baptisms usually take place on the fourth Sunday during the Family Service. 

N.B.  The Rector produces a monthly Rector’s Newsletter, which gives details of the services throughout the Benefice, and there is also a weekly Pew Sheet giving up to date information – a copy of these can be obtained from the bookcase just inside the main door to the Church.

A copy of the letter from the Rector's Newsletter and the Service Schedule for the Benefice can be downloaded as a PDF file from the "Homepage".


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