The Benefice of:

The Brickhills &
Stoke Hammond


Revd John Waller
The Rectory
10 Pound Hill 
Great Brickhill
Milton Keynes
MK17 9AS
Tel: 01525 261062

PCC Newsletters

The Great Brickhill PCC sends out occasional E-Newsletters to those whose details are on the data base.

If anyone would like to be added to the circulation list please contact Phillipa Cook:- 

To download a PDF file of the PCC Newsletters click on the relevant date link below:-



         2nd January:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 3rd JanuarySunday Worship Details 3rd January
                                              Advent Windows Photos

         9th January:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 10th JanuarySunday Worship Details 10th January

         16th January:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 17th JanuarySunday Worship Details 17th January

         23rd January:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 24th JanuarySunday Worship Details 24th January

         30th January:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 31st JanuarySunday Worship Details 31st January

         6th February:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 7th FebruarySunday Worship Details 7th February
                                           Order of Service Sheet

         13th February:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 14th FebruarySunday Worship Details 14th February

         20th February:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 21st FebruarySunday Worship Details 21st February

         27th February:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 28th FebruarySunday Worship Details 28th February

         6th March:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 7th MarchSunday Worship Details 7th March
                                            Order of Service Sheet,  Mothers' Day Flower Sheet

         13th March:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 14th MarchSunday Worship Details 14th March

         20th March:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 21st MarchSunday Worship Details 21st March

         27th March:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 28th MarchSunday Worship Details 28th March

         3rd April:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 4th AprilSunday Worship Details 4th April  (EASTER)

         10th April:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 11th AprilSunday Worship Details 11th April

         17th April:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 18th AprilSunday Worship Details 18th April

         24th April:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 25th AprilSunday Worship Details 25th April

         1st May:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 2nd MaySunday Worship Details 2nd May

         8th May:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 9th MaySunday Worship Details 9th May

         15th May:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 16th MaySunday Worship Details 16th May

         Email Info 22nd May:-  Rector's Reflection PentecostSunday Worship Details 23rd May  (PENTECOST)

         29th May:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection Trinity SundaySunday Worship Details 30th May

         5th June:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 1st Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 6th June

         12th June:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 2nd Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 13th June
                                                 LB Open Gardens Poster 2021

         19th June:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 3rd Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 20th June

         26th June:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 4th Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 27th June
                                                 GB Open Gardens Poster 2021

         3rd July:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 5th Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 4th July

         10th July:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 6th Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 11th July

         17th July:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 7th Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 18th July

         24th July:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 8th Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 25th July

         31st July:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 9th Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 1st August

         7th August:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 10th Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 8th August

         14th August:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 11th Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 15th August
                                                           Concert Flyer Soulbury Church

         21st August:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 12th Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 22nd August

         28th August:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 13th Sunday after TrinitySunday Worship Details 29th August


         21st October    plus:-   Thank You New Facilities   Ex-Servicemen's Book Flyer


         21st March   plus:-  Rector's Reflection Mothers' Day   Love & Hope Help Message

         28th March   plus:-  Rector's Reflection 5th Sunday Lent   Worship Details

         4th April   plus:-   Rector's Reflection Palm Sunday   Palm Sunday Worship   Make a Cross

                                    Palm Sunday & Holy Week Readings   Diocese Holy Week Services

         8th April   plus:-  Rector's Reflection: Maundy ThursdayGood FridayEaster Sunday,
                                   Holy Week & Easter Worship

         17th April   plus:-  Rector's Reflection 19th April   Sunday Worship Details 19th April

         24th April:   plus:-  Rector's Reflection 26th April   Sunday Worship Details 26th April

         1st May:  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 3rd MaySunday Worship Details 3rd May,  Lego Easter Message,
                                  Children's Worship Details,  Exploring Faith Books:- Children  Young People

         8th May:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 10th MaySunday Worship Details 10th May,
                                    VE Day PosterOutline Service VE DayVE Day Service 1945

         15th May:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 17th MaySunday Worship Details 17th May

         22nd May:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 24th MaySunday Worship Details 24th May

         29th May:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection Pentecost 31st MaySunday Worship Details 31st May

         6th June:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection Trinity Sunday 7th JuneSunday Worship Details 7th June

         13th June:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 14th JuneSunday Worship Details 14th June

         20th June:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 21st JuneSunday Worship Details 21st June

         27th June:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 28th JuneSunday Worship Details 28th June

         4th July:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 5th JulySunday Worship Details 5th July

         11th July:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 12th JulySunday Worship Details 12th July

         18th July:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 19th JulySunday Worship Details 19th July

         25th July:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 26th JulySunday Worship Details 26th July

         1st August:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 2nd AugustSunday Worship Details 2nd August

         8th August:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 9th AugustSunday Worship Details 9th August

         15th August:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 16th AugustSunday Worship Details 16th August
                                         Bucks Covid Briefing

         22nd August:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 23rd AugustSunday Worship Details 23rd August

         29th August:- plus:- Jeremy Hopkinson's Reflection 30th AugustSunday Worship Details 30th August

         5th September:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 6th SeptemberSunday Worship Details 6th September

         12th September:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 13th SeptemberSunday Worship Details 13th September

         19th September:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 20th SeptemberSunday Worship Details 20th September

         26th September:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 27th SeptemberSunday Worship Details 27th September

         3rd October:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 4th OctoberSunday Worship Details 4th October

         10th October:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 11th OctoberSunday Worship Details 11th October

         16th October:- plus:- Jeremy Hopkinson's Reflection 18th OctoberSunday Worship Details 18th October
                                           End October / November Service Schedule,   "Feed the Hungry"

         24th October:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 25th OctoberSunday Worship Details 25th October

         31st October:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 1st NovemberSunday Worship Details 1st November

         7th November:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection RemembranceSunday Worship Details Remembrance

         14th November:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 15th NovemberSunday Worship Details 15th November

         21st November:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 22nd NovemberSunday Worship Details 22nd November

         28th November:- plus:-  Reflection JH Advent SundaySunday Worship Details 29th November
                                              Advent Carol Service Sheet,   Advent Windows Map

         5th December:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 6th DecemberSunday Worship Details 6th December
                                              Advent Windows Map

         12th December:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 13th DecemberSunday Worship Details 13th December

         19th December:-  plus:-  Rector's Reflection 20th DecemberSunday Worship Details 20th December

         Christmas service information:-   Rector's Reflection Christmas DayChristmas Worship Details



         January   plus:-  The Nativity   Food Box

         February   plus:-  Plant Fayre   Lent & Easter Service Info


         February   plus:-  Snowdrop Walk

         June   plus:-  Songs of Praise Form   Little Brickhill Open Gardens


         October   plus:-   Advent Fair   Little Ashes Quiz   Sweet Music Photos



         March   plus:-  Lent Course Info   Plant Fayre Flier

         May   plus:-  Our Village - Past & Present   Cryers Concert

         July   plus:-   Cryers Concert Flier

         September   plus:-   Sweet Music Concert

         November   plus:-   Advent Coffee Morning

         PCC Letter November   plus:-   Letter Facilities

         PCC Newsletter December   plus:-   The Nativity


         February   plus:-  Snowdrop Walks

         Late February   plus:-  Cafe Church Invitation




         February   plus:-  Lent Flier   Coffee Morning   Snowdrop Walks

         September          December  plus  Nativity



         September      November      December 




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