The Benefice of:

The Brickhills &
Stoke Hammond


Revd John Waller
The Rectory
10 Pound Hill 
Great Brickhill
Milton Keynes
MK17 9AS
Tel: 01525 261062

There are 14 photo albums.

  • Nativity (0 photos)


  • Bow Brickhill Events in 2012 (6 photos)

    Photos at events in Bow Brickhill in 2012 organised by All Saints’ Tower Restoration Association (ASTRA).

    The Tower Restoration Working Party

  • Decorated for Christmas 2010 (17 photos)

    Photos of St Mary-the-Virgin Church, Great Brickhill, decorated for the Christmas 2010 Services. With thanks to all who helped with the decorations / flower arrangements.

    A Sideways View of the Altar

  • The Nativity 2010 (13 photos)

    Despite heavy snowfall the previous day, the enactment of the Nativity was held on Sunday 19th December at its former location, the bottom of Pound Hill in Great Brickhill.

    The Scene is Complete

  • Christmas Snow Scenes 2010 (9 photos)

    Snow returned to the village with a vengeance during the extremely cold weeks prior to the Christmas period. Whilst it made travelling in and out of the village extremely difficult, the scenes around the village were quite spectacular.

    A look at the church from above the path

  • Nuevo Reto Update 2010 (8 photos)

    This photo gallery contains photos taken in November 2010 during Charlotte Pritchard's visit. Some of the Great Brickhill donation that Charlotte took out with her was used for a day out to a shopping centre which has an indoor rollercoaster; this was followed by lunch and ice creams and an afternoon roller skating.
    The remainder of the advance donation was used to purchase an item of clothing for each of the children and to provide fruit for the Christmas meal.
    The balance of the 2010 donation from the church will be used to help with the children's school fees for the start of the school year in January 2011.
    A full report from Nuevo Reto can be found in the Great Brickhill event's section.

    Ice creams for all

  • Bells Dedication Service GB (19 photos)

    Following completion of the Bells Restoration Project a service for the Dedication of the two new bells and the Rededication of the old bells was held on Sunday 17th October 2010.
    The Right Reverend Alan Wilson, the Bishop of Buckingham, officiated and gave a wonderful address to the congregation of over two hundred people.
    The Service was followed by a Harvest Tea in the church.

    The Bishop, Rector and Wardens

  • Plant Fayre GB (14 photos)

    Photos taken during the preparation for the 11th Annual Plant Fayre in Great Brickhill on Saturday 10th April. The very successful event raised £2200 for the Church.

    One of the many stands at the 2010 Plant Fayre

  • Snowdrop Walk GB (7 photos)

    The Snowdrop Walk in Great Brickhill was held this year on two consecutive Sunday afternoons due to the atrocious weather on the first Sunday.
    A similar number of visitors came on both days and all enjoyed some welcome refreshments in the Church at the end of the walk.
    Over £1000 was raised for general Church funds.


  • Messy Church in LB (13 photos)

    The special Family Service for the Benefice held in the Community Centre, Little Brickhill on Sunday 16th January. The theme was "Noah's Ark" - the story was narrated, followed by lots of activities involving animals. Prayers were said and the service ended with everyone joining in the song "Who Built the Ark - Noah! Noah!"

    A Group with The Rector

  • Great Brickhill in Snow (7 photos)

    A number of photographs, courtesy of David Bratt, of St Mary-the-Virgin Church taken in early morning sun shortly after the snowfall in December 2009

    The Sun Shines Through

  • Nuevo Reto Orphanage (5 photos)

    Nuevo Reto is an orphanage in Guatemala which the Great Brickhill Church has been helping to support. For more details see the "Nuevo Reto Orphanage" page in the Events section for Great Brickhill

    Children at Nuevo Reto

  • The Nativity 2009 (13 photos)

    The annual re-enactment of the Nativity was held at the grounds of the Cricket Club and Parish Hall on a cold and snowy morning on Sunday 20th December 2009.

    Thanks go to all who took part, Lea Gregory and all who helped with the costumes, Brian Pincott for erecting the stable, the members of the band, those who provided and served the refreshments, and all who braved the cold to watch the event. Well done to Annabel Newell for masterminding such a successful event at this new venue.

    For a full report on the Nativity go to the "Events" page the "Great Brickhill" section.

    A Close-up of the Nativity Scene

  • Great Brickhill Bells (8 photos)

    The Great Brickhill bells were on display in the church in October 2009 before being sent away for restoration. When strengthening of the tower has been carried out and a new eight-bell cast iron frame has been installed, the bells will be re-hung along with two new bells in the Spring of 2010

    The Tower Captain

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