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Newspaper Collection in Aid of Church Funds


Sadly, the paper recycling company can no longer do the collection from the containers. The final collection from Lower Rectory Farm will be next Saturday 24th February. Newspapers and cardboard should now be recycled via the blue wheelie bins.

Thank you to all who have supported this scheme either donating their unused newspapers, or helping with the collection and emptying the containers onto the lorry. And most of all thank you to the Turner family for supplying the container and allowing it to be located at Lower Rectory Farm.


Old unwanted newspapers are collected in aid of Church Funds.

There are two containers located at the rear of Lower Rectory Farm. One is for storage of all unwanted newspapers plus magazines and junk mail, and the second is for cardboard - there must however be no plastic. Please tie the newspapers etc. into separate bundles and place them in the appropriate section of the containers.

Access to the containers is always available and so please consider donating your unwanted newspapers/magazines – it is a very easy way for much needed funds to be raised for the Church.

Anyone unable to deliver their newspapers/magazines to Rectory Farm can call Henry Clark (261284) who will arrange for them to be collected.

Please leave the newspapers out ready for collection on Tuesdays.

Newspaper Collection Results:

Five loads were collected during the year:- the first load on 7th January and the second load, which was mainly cardboard, on 4th March. Three further loads of simlar volume were collected on 3rd June, 21st October and 16th December.  With the current rate at £35 per tonne the loads raised £140; £70; £130; £132; £131 respectively for Church funds. A total for the year of £603 for Church funds.

Thanks to those who helped to load the lorry on Saturday 9th January. This first load of the year, at £60 per tonne, raised £400 for Church funds. The second load of the year collected on 7th May raised £340. The rate for the third load in August was £35 per tonne, raising £150. There was a fourth collection in October for £150.
The total proceeds for the four loads collected in 2016 was £1040 for Church funds.

The first load of newspapers of the year was collected on 2nd May. The weight was 6.96 tonnes, which at £60 per tonne raised £417.60 for church funds.  A second load was collected on 5th September, which at £60 per tonne raised £420.  
The total proceeds for the two loads collected during the year was a fantastic £838 for Church funds.

The first lorry load of newspapers in 2014 was collected on 8th February - just under 5.0 tonnes @ £60 per tonne raised £299 for church funds. This was follwed by a load in July - 6.68 tonnes @ £60 per tonne = £400. The third load of the year was collected in November - a total weight of 6.6 tonnes was loaded onto the lorry -  @ £60 per tonne a further £400 was raised.
The total for 2014 = 18.28 tonnes:-  £1049

The total raised from newspapers in previous years:
          2013:-  £787;   2012:-  £931;   2011:-  £934       


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