Weekly Pew Sheets

For every Sunday Service at Great Brickhill a Pew Sheet is prepared for each member of the congregation to take a copy away with them. It contains information re the Service, news from the previous week and details of forthcoming events.

To download a PDF file of recent Pew Sheets click on the relevant date link below:-


         5th January    12th January     19th January     26th January

         2nd February   9th February   16th February   23rd February   Lent & Easter Info

         1st March   8th March   15th March




         8th August     20th September     27th September   

         25th October     6th December

Anyone who would like an item including in the Pew Sheet is asked to send the details to Phillipa Cook, the editor by the Thursday evening:-    pjcook6@gmail.com



         6th January    13th January    20th January    27th January

         3rd February    10th February    17th February    24th February

         3rd March   10th March   Lent & Easter Info   17th March   24th March - N/A   31st March

         7th April   Post Lent Course Info   14th April   21st April   28th April

         5th May   12th May   19th May   26th May - N/A

         2nd June   9th June   16th June   23rd June   30th June - N/A

         7th July   14th July   21st July   28th July

         4th August   11th August   18th August   25th August

         1st September   8th September   15th September   22nd September   29th September - N/A

         6th October   13th October   20th October   27th October

         3rd November   10th November - N/A   17th November   Food Box Info   24th November

         1st December   8th December   Christmas Services  15th December  22nd December - N/A
                                                  Carol Service Info Sheet   29th December - N/A



         7th January    14th January    21st January    2017 Appeal Reports    28th January

         4th February   11th February   18th February   Bible Course Info   25th February   Lent Course Info

         4th March  Lent Course Update  11th March  Bible Course Update  18th March Cafe Church  25th March

         1st April   8th April   15th April    22nd April    29th April - N/A

         6th May   13th May    20th May - N/A    27th May - N/A

         3rd June   10th June   17th June    24th June

         1st July   8th July   15th July   22nd July   29th July - N/A

         5th August   12th August   19th August   26th August - N/A

         2nd September   9th September   16th September   23rd September   30th September

         7th October   14th October   21st October   28th October

         4th November   11th November - N/A   18th November   25th November

         2nd December   9th December   Christmas Services   16th December   23rd December - N/A   

                                          24th December - Christmas Wish List   30th December - N/A


         1st January - N/A    8th January    15th January    22nd January    29th January

         5th February    12th February    19th February    26th February

         Lent Course Flyer  5th March  Cafe Church Flier  12th March  19th March  26th March  Events & Easter

         2nd April   9th April UB Service BB   16th April   Events 2017   23rd April   30th April - N/A

         7th May   14th May   21st May   28th May - N/A

         4th June   11th June   18th June   25th June

         2nd July   9th July   16th July   23rd July   30th July - N/A

         6th August   13th August   20th August   27th August - N/A

         3rd September   10th September   17th September   24th September - N/A

         1st October   8th October   15th October   22nd October   29th October - N/A

         5th November   Christmas Services   12th November - N/A   19th November - N/A   26th November

         3rd December   10th December   17th December - N/A   24th December - N/A   31st December


         3rd January    10th January    17th January    24th January    31st January - N/A

         Lent Course Flyer    7th February    14th February    21st February    28th February

         6th March    13th March    20th March    27th March    

         3rd April    10th April    17th April    24th April

         1st May    8th May    15th May    22nd May    29th May - N/A

         5th June    12th June    19th June    26th June

         3rd July    10th July    17th July    24th July    31st July - N/A

         7th August    14th August    21st August    28th August

         4th September    11th September    18th September    25th September

         2nd October    9th October    16th October    23rd October    30th October - N/A

         6th November   13th November - N/A   20th November   Christmas Services   27th November

         4th December    11th December    18th December    25th December - N/A


         4th January    2015 Events    11th January    18th January    25th January

         1st February   8th February   15th February   Lent/Easter Info Sheet   22nd February

         1st March    8th March    15th March    22nd March    29th March

         5th April    12th April    19th April    PCC Info Sheet    26th April

         3rd May    10th May    17th May    24th May   Diocesan Letter   31st May - N/A

         7th June    14th June    21st June    28th June

         5th July    12th July    19th July    26th July

         2nd August    9th August    16th August    23rd August   30th August - N/A

         6th September    13th September    20th September    27th September

         4th October    11th October    18th October    25th October

         1st November   8th November - N/A   15th November   22nd November   29th November - N/A

         6th December   13th December  Christmas Service Details  20th December  27th December - N/A


         5th January    12th January    19th January    26th January

         2nd February    9th February    16th February    23rd February

         For "Outline of New Sunday Service Pattern from March 2014":-  Click Here

         2nd March    9th March    16th March    23rd March    30th March - N/A

         6th April    13th April    20th April    27th April

         4th May    11th May    18th May    25th May    Nuevo Reto

         1st June    8th June    15th June - N/A    22nd June    29th June - N/A

         6th July    13th July    20th July    27th July

         3rd August    10th August    17th August    24th August    31st August

         7th September    14th September    21st September    28th September

         5th October   12th October   PCC Info Sheet   19th October   26th October

         2nd November   9th November - N/A   16th November   23rd November   30th November - N/A

         7th December   14th December   21st December   2015 Events   28th December - N/A


         6th January    13th January    20th January    27th January

         3rd February    10th February    17th February    24th February

         3rd March   10th March   17th March   24th March - United Benefice Sheet   31st March

         7th April    14th April    21st April    28th April

         5th May    12th May    19th May    26th May

         2nd June    9th June    16th June    23rd June    30th June - N/A

         7th July    14th July    21st July    28th July

         4th August    11th August    18th August   
25th August - N/A

         1st September    8th September    15th September    22nd September    29th September - N/A

         6th October    13th October    20th October    27th October

         3rd November    10th November - N/A    17th November    24th November

         1st December    8th December    15th December    22nd
December    29th December - N/A


        1st January - N/A    8th January    15th January    22nd January    29th January - N/A

        5th February   Lent Course Flier   12th February   19th February   26th February

        4th March   11th March   18th March   25th March

        1st April    8th April    15th April    22nd April    29th April

        6th May    13th May    20th May    27th May

        3rd June    10th June    17th June    24th June

        1st July    8th July    15th July    22nd July    29th July - N/A

        5th August    12th August    19th August    26th August - N/A

        2nd September    9th September    16th September    23rd September    30th September - N/A

        7th October    14th October    21st October    28th October

        4th November    11th November - N/A    18th November    25th November

       2nd December    9th December    16th December    23rd December    30th December

        2nd January   9th January   16th January   23rd January   30th January - N/A

        6th February      13th February      20th February      27th February

        6th March      13th March      20th March      27th March

        3rd April      10th April      17th April      24th April

        1st May      8th May      15th May      22nd May     29th May - N/A
        5th June     12th June     19th June     26th June

        3rd July     10th July     17th July     24th July     31st July - N/A

        7th August    14th August    21st August    28th August    King James Bible Leaflet

        4th September     11th September     18th September     25th September

        2nd October     9th October     16th October     23rd October     30th October - N/A

        6th November     13th November - N/A     20th November     27th November 

        4th December     11th December     18th December     25th December - N/A


        7th February      14th February      21st February      28th February

        7th March           14th March           21st March           28th March

        4th April (Easter)     11th April           18th April             25thApril 

        2nd May        9th May        16th May        23rd May        30th May

        6th June        13th June        20th June - N/A        27th June

        4th July          11th July          18th July          25th July

        1st August      8th August      15th August      22nd August      29th August - N/A

        5th September
       12th September       19th September       26th September

        3rd October    10th October    17th October - N/A    24th October    31st October - N/A

        7th November     14th November - N/A     21st November     28th November

        5th December - N/A       12th December      19th December      26th December - N/A