Lent Courses



The Oxford Diocese is offering to send an email reflection for each day in Lent, beginning from Ash Wednesday, 17th February. You can register to receive them on the Diocesan website here:-  
How to ask deep questions of faith (anglican.org)

They are based on a new book by the Bishop of Oxford, Pilgrim Journeys: The Creeds - 40 days of reflections. Printed and e-book versions can be bought here:-
Pilgrim Journeys: The Creeds single copy by Steven Croft, The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Archbishop of York - Paperback / softback (chpublishing.co.uk)

This will also be the basis for this year's Lent course, which begins on Tuesday evening, 23rd February at 8pm.

The material will be the Lent resources provided by the diocese - 'Come and See'. It includes material, which people can use individually, and group material that we are planning to use for the weekly virtual Lent discussion group via Zoom.

There will be five sessions held on Tuesday evenings from 8.00pm – 9.00pm:-

23rd February:-  Session 1: I Believe in God, Father Almighty

2nd March:-  Session 2: I Believe in Jesus Christ  (next Tuesday - Mar. 2

9th March:-  Session 3: He was crucified, died and rose again …

16th March:-  Session 4: I Believe in the Holy Spirit

23rd March:-  Session 5: The Church and the forgiveness of sins   (next Tuesday - March 23rd)

The login details for the final session on 23rd March at 8.00pm are:-
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 860 3551 3386
Passcode: 122951

On the “Come and See” page of the diocesan website the links are available for all the daily Lent reflections so far, and, from Sunday onwards, Bishop Steven's new video for the next Lent course session will be available:-  https://www.oxford.anglican.org/come-and-see/#toggle-id-2

If possible, it would be helpful to watch the Sunday video before the Lent course session on Tuesday.

All will be welcome to join the course at any time - the sessions are independent, so it doesn’t matter if you miss one.

For further details contact the Rector:-  01525 261062    rector@brickhillschurches.org.uk   

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